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Here you will never miss any new publication, any innovative method or any trend in biomechanics.


Mathematics, physics and physiology are the basis of biomechanics. We explain you the fundamentals!


We will teach you which methods are used, what you should pay attention to and how to deal with the data obtained.

Our Teaching Concept:

About Us

From friends to associates: Together we are studying at the German Sport University Cologne in the master’s program. Each of us feels connected to human movement in his own unique way, but one thing connects us all: We want to quantify and analyze the interactions of mechanics and humans to advance ourselves and biomechanical science.

With the help of this website we pass on our knowledge and practical experience to beginners in biomechanics.


We host the podcast BOOM: Biomechanics On Our Minds by Melissa Boswell and Hannah O’Day from Stanford University, California. They talk to students and researchers around the world about the exciting field of biomechanics. Also, they cover overcoming failures, collaborations, open science, leadership, and much more.

Our Projects

We actively conduct research. Our current projects are wide-ranging and their progress is always updated here – as far as possible. In some cases, we are bound to secrecy on some topics. Nevertheless we try to share as much as possible with you.