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How to Use the Motion Library

Markus Kurz 2

The MoLib is a library of different types of sport and clinically relevant movements. This platform can provide a comprehensive source for students to understand the basic principles of musculoskeletal modeling and help teachers to graphically support their lectures.

The week in Biomechanics #CW39

Lasse Hansen 2

The weekly recap of what is going on the world of biomechanics.
This week: Effect of asymmetric crank arm lengths on performance-related variables in cyclists with an anatomical lower limb length discrepancy

Study Designs

Jonas Ebbecke 1

Phenomena in nature are often complex and are influenced by many different factors. Systematic investigations in form of scientific studies are conducted to understand and describe their interrelationships which lead to their expression. For this purpose, scientists use specific strategies and study designs so that they exclude perturbating factors and arrive at an evidence-based result.