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Study Designs

Jonas Ebbecke 1

Phenomena in nature are often complex and are influenced by many different factors. Systematic investigations in form of scientific studies are conducted to understand and describe their interrelationships which lead to their expression. For this purpose, scientists use specific strategies and study designs so that they exclude perturbating factors and arrive at an evidence-based result.

Working with BTK and Mokka

Patrick Mai 5

In biomechanical research, we often collecting motion capture and force data. The C3D file extension has been established as a standard for further data processing. Here you learn how to visualize them with mocha and manipulate them with the BTK Toolkit in Matlab.

Systematic Review

Jonas Ebbecke 2

In view of today’s flood of scientific articles, it is becoming increasingly important to keep track of the current scientific state. Particularly in the case of controversial topics, where the…

2D Video Analysis

Jonas Ebbecke 0

Biomechanical investigations – many people think of laboratories equipped with marker-based camera systems from Qualisys or Vicon that can record movements in three dimensions. However, 2D video analysis is often…